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This Real Life Case study loaded course will help you learn how REAL changes happen in industry!

Benefit from the Instructors years of supply chain management experience having saved millions of Dollars in Industry himself!

This course is for the new or aspiring supply chain & operations manager, the ambitious operations professionals, the striving logistics supervisors, hands-on Operations managers and the practical business optimization analysts.

Benefit from the proprietary data analysis method developed by the Instructor to cut through the noise and analyze what is really important for your supply chain!

Equip yourself with new tools to boost your career immediately and turbo-charge your growth.

Become a Supply Chain Operations Whiz in your organization on leading REAL change & improvements!

Course Sections:
1. Introduction to Supply Chain Management
2. Building Blocks of Supply Chain Operations

3. Ecommerce Transportation

4. Air Cargo & Intermodal Operations

5. Case Study on Transportation Optimization

6. Case Study on Transportation Productivity Improvement

7. Warehouse Basics

8. Case Study for Warehouse productivity improvement

9. Inventory Management Basics

10. Case Study on Service Improvement

11. Bonus Business Models of Amazon vs Alibaba

In this course, you will learn:

Objectives: What are the “Aims and Objectives” of a good Supply Chain Operations

Building Blocks: The Building blocks of Supply Chain Operations, Transportation, Warehousing & Inventory Management

Ecommerce Operations Ecommerce Operations of the Biggest Ecommerce companies in the world!

Case Studies: Real Life case studies in Transportation Optimization, warehousing & Inventory Management

Warehousing Basics: Basics of Inbound, Outbound, Inventory & Returns inside a warehouse

Inventory Management: Industry used practices of Inventory Management

Business Models: Compare two competing e-commerce Business Models in the world!


1. Introduction to Supply Chain Management
a. What is Supply Chain Management

b. SCM in a Supply Network

c. Example of a Supply Chain

d. The Importance of Supply Chain Management

e. What happened during COVID?

2. Building Blocks of Supply Chain Operations
a. Road Transportation

b. Trucking Costs

c. Types of Trucking & terminology

3. Ecommerce Transportation

a. Ecommerce Road Transportation

b. First Mile Trucking

c. Ecommerce Transportation

d. Linehaul Movement

e. Last Mile Hubs Transport

f. Last Mile Hub Operations

4. Air Cargo & Intermodal Operations

a. Air Cargo Movement

b. Cost Structures & Types of Planes

c. AirCargo Operations

d. AirCargo case study in ecommerce

e. Intermodal transportation

5. Case Study on Transportation Optimization

a. Background of the Case

b. Power of One Analysis

c. The Change & the Results!

6. Case Study in Productivity Improvement

a.  Background of the Case Study

b. Power of One Analysis

c. The Solution & the Results

7. Warehousing

a. Warehouse Basics

b. Inbound

c. Inventory

d. Outbound Picking

e. Consolidation of Orders

f. Packing of Orders

g. Customer Returns

8. Case Study on Warehouse productivity Improvement

a. Background of the Case

b. Power of One Analysis

c. Findings & Actions Taken

d.  Results

9. Inventory Management Basics

a. What is Inventory Management?

b.  What is Inventory Management in Ecommerce?

c. Q type of Inventory Management

d.  P type of Inventory Management

10. Case Study In Service Improvement:

a. Background of the Case

b. Changes Made

c. Service improvement achieved

11. Business Models comparison

a. Amazon’s Business Model & Profits

b.  Alibaba’s Business Model & Profits

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